Activists show up early at Rooney Roundtable

05-07-19 Tim Ritchie and activists at FGCU ETI

Tim Ritchie (left) and fellow activists Samuel Tarpening and Frank Coz, show up early at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Emergent Technologies Institute to press their case for clean water after a drive from Punta Gorda. Ritchie is founder and organizer of March Against Mosaic, which seeks to ban phosphate mining in Florida. The trio was on hand for the opening of a “private” roundtable organized by Rep. Francis Rooney (R-19-Fla.) to show their concern to officials discussing harmful algal blooms. Rooney closed the meeting to press and public in possible violation of Florida’s Sunshine Law. Nonetheless, public activists will seek to make their voices heard throughout the day.   (Photo: David Silverberg)

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