Updated: O’Connell, Holden lead in 4th quarter fundraising in 19th Congressional District

Feb. 1, 2020 by David Silverberg

Updated, 5:30 pm with Cindy Banyai statement and corrected individual contribution totals.

12-12-19 O'Connell cropped
Ford O’Connell

Republican Ford O’Connell and Democrat David Holden led their respective fields in 4th quarter 2019 fundraising for the congressional seat being vacated by outgoing Rep. Francis Rooney, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Among the eight Republicans in the race, O’Connell, a conservative media pundit and outspoken Trumper, brought in $310,205 in total receipts.

Holden, facing fellow Democrat Cindy Banyai, raised $103,078.04 in the same period. Banyai raised $13,207.96.

Holden headshot light jacket 3-7-18
David Holden

Banyai issued a statement saying she was “determined to run a campaign for the people of Southwest Florida.” She pointed out that with only half a quarter of formal fundraising, she raised over $13,000 last quarter from 218 individual donations, with an average contribution amount of $37.

Having sworn off large corporate contributions and loans, Banyai stated she was relying on voter contributions.

10-19-19 Cindy Banyai
Cindy Banyai

“Campaigns should not be bought and sold by people at the top of our economic system,” she stated. “With most of the country sitting in the middle and lower economic classes, these are the people that need representation. And who better to represent them than one of them?

On the Republican side, after O’Connell, Republican fundraising totals were: Dan Severson, $107,531.14; Randy Henderson, $68,391.74; and Heather Fitzenhagen, $31,550. Totals for Darren Aquino, Dane Eagle, William Figlesthaler, and Byron Donalds had not yet been posted as of this writing.

No totals were available for Independent Antonio Dumornay.

Of all the candidates, David Holden had the largest disbursements, spending $33,720.28. Severson spent the most of all the Republicans, laying out $4,362.57.

O’Connell’s money mainly came from a $200,000 loan. He received $110,205 in individual contributions. Holden’s campaign took out a $45,000 loan and he received $58,078.04 in individual contributions.

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© 2020 by David Silverberg

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