Biden takes Southwest Florida, wins statewide, also Illinois and Arizona

03-18-20 Primary resultsFlorida results for the Democratic Primary held yesterday.   (Chart: Florida Division of Elections)

March 18, 2020 by David Silverberg.

Joe Biden, Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President, swept both Lee and Collier counties in yesterday’s presidential preference primary, in keeping with statewide results.

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump unsurprisingly and overwhelmingly won his primary against three challengers.

Biden also won in Illinois and Arizona.

In Southwest Florida, turnout was light. Lee County had a turnout of 24.39 percent or 114,721 voters, according to the Lee County Supervisor of Elections. Collier County had a higher turnout at 38.6 percent or 62,256 voters, according to the Collier County Supervisor of Elections.

Lee County

In Lee County Biden won with 57 percent of the vote or 28,168 votes, the majority of which were cast by mail. Statewide, Biden won with 61.9 percent of the vote, according to the Florida Division of Elections.

He was followed by Bernie Sanders with only 19.7 percent or 9,749 votes.

Although they had dropped out of the race prior to the primary, Michael Bloomberg received 11.3 percent (1,465 votes) Elizabeth Warren received 2.3 percent (1,133), Amy Klobuchar 1.9 percent (961 votes) and Tulsi Gabbard .44 percent (217 votes).

In the Republican primary Donald Trump received 92.9 percent of the vote (58,565 votes), which was actually a percentage point less than his statewide total of 93.8 percent. He was followed by Bill Weld at 3.8 percent (2,364), Joe Walsh at 2.4 percent (1,479) and Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente at .96 percent (604).

Collier County

Overall, Biden did better in Collier County than he did statewide, winning in the county by 65.9 percent compared to his statewide margin of 61.9 percent.

In the presidential primary, results are reported by both congressional district and county. Collier County spans both the 19th and 25th congressional districts. The 19th covers the coastal strip from Cape Coral to Marco Island. The 25th includes rural Lee and Collier counties, Immokalee and Hialeah on the eastern part of the state.

19th Congressional District

Joe Biden won with 67.3 percent of the vote (8,768), followed by Bernie Sanders with 14.2 percent (1,846), Michael Bloomberg with 11.3 percent (1,465), Pete Buttigieg with 3.4 percent (442), Elizabeth Warren 1.5 percent (191), and Amy Klobuchar with 1.4 percent (184).

On the Republican side, Donald Trump took 93.1 percent (20,651) followed by Bill Weld with 4.2 percent (936), Joe Walsh with 1.8 percent (389) and Roque De La Fuente with .9 percent (199).

25th District

Joe  Biden won 64.2 percent of the vote (6,789), followed by Bernie Sanders (1,901), Michael Bloomberg with 10 percent (1,059), Pete Buttgieg with 3.5 percent (372), Elizabeth Warren with 1.7 percent (178) and Amy Klobuchar with 1.2 percent (130).

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won 94.9 percent (14.200), Bill Weld with 3 percent (442), Joe Walsh with 1.5 percent (220) and Roque De La Fuente with .7 percent (99).

Results for the 17th Congressional District, which includes Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and Venice, were not available as of this writing.

Liberty lives in light

© 2020 by David Silverberg

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