Debate: How would SWFL Republican candidates tackle Coronavirus in Congress?

April 13, 2020 by David Silverberg.

Last week The Paradise Progressive posted the responses of the two Democratic congressional candidates in the 19th Congressional District to the question:

If you were in Congress right now, what actions would you take to serve SWFL regarding the Coronavirus pandemic?

In a spirit of fairness, last week same question was posed to all the Republican candidates.

The answers received, in full and unedited, are posted below.

Darren Aquino:

04-12-20 Darren AquinoFirst let me answer and say what my website has said, my long-standing history of my patriotism to country, community, which represents families across the nation as the national chief advocate for disabled veterans police firemen and families. I have posted enough information on my website and have been interviewed by credible journalists. Putting it plainly, which I hope you can understand and comprehend. Unlike the article you wrote about me without questioning me, and made libelous statements about me, demonstrating you knew nothing about me, but labeled me. This is my home now, Naples, Florida district 19. I would face the challenge, get ahead of the problem, as I’ve done for the vulnerable for 35 years. The district comes first, on the national level, I would put my many years of expertise and wisdom to work for the good of America, for all of us as citizens, As candidate for mayor in NY, my motto was, people first, it was the people first team. My home now, Naples , Florida, and the home of some of my family members, siblings included, I will fight for the needs and Address the failures of the state and the district, that have not been met by the elected officials thus far, during this pandemic , homelessness and the systemic problem around the country as a result of elected officials failing to address this systemic problem added to the pandemic problem. But, had I been congressman, there wouldn’t be a homeless problem Of veterans and disabled inclusive of mentally ill, disabled In the streets of America. I was offended by your erroneous, derogatory, and demeaning statements about me and your failing to answer me. if you ever do that again and violate federal law, as you did publicizing without rebuttal or response from me, you’ll see me in front of a federal judge. At that time I’ll be congressman, and like I’ve done for 35 years, will uplift the American spirit. I will do it myself. I have communicated with the governor DeSantis. I have communicated with the White House and I’ve communicated with my hometown. I will not communicate with the mayor of New York City because he’s just reckless, you two have something in common  I am the national chief advocate for Disabled, have a nonprofit called Advocates for Americans, veterans, police, firemen ,and families, and I know that the vulnerable have been attacked by this pandemic. I have advised and continue to support and give my input even while I am home infected with the virus. New Yorkers and patriots like myself around this country are stepping up now, be a good guy and go read the press releases and you’ll know the actions that I have taken.  I will get in front of the problem and not behind it and that’s what I’ve been doing For over 35 years. I’m the projected nominee and you took no time to know my platform or who I am, you’re an arrogant. How dare you put such a derogatory demeaning post without speaking with me that you would “without verifying, it demonstrates the character you lack. This time you get grace because it’s holy week for me next time you get a subpoena a copy of this went to everyone. The only reason so many lives were lost is because one reason and one only, democratic politics put policy of their own agenda before the American people, we the people, something I have supported for 35 years successfully with the respect and support for Republican presidents, that’s right, President Donald J Trump, a friend to my family for 35 years    I presented solutions to the challenge that’s what New York patriots do, solve problems, not complain about them . This  district has problems that were ignored not by me, the newcomer, but Is already being addressed and solved by me, yours truly, Darren Dione Aquino, proud Italian,  Puerto Rican American, of the United States of America, who you disrespectfully discriminated against and made false and biased and libelous statements.

[Author’s note: All previous coverage of Mr. Aquino was done from publicly available sources, which were cited in the Dec. 20, 2019 article, “Actor files for 19th Congressional District Republican primary race.”]

Casey Askar: No response

Byron Donalds: No response

Dane Eagle: No response

William Figlesthaler: No response

Heather Fitzenhagen: No response

Randy Henderson: No response

Christy McLaughlin:

04-10-20 Christy McLaughlinIf there is any positive notions that come from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that we live and we learn. The American foundation has shown our strength and ability to improve our preparedness for global crises. My thoughts and prayers are with every family affected. On a personal note, my cousin has passed away from the COVID-19 virus. Statistics of those infected, those cured, and those who have passed will not reflect the emotional toll that the COVID-19 virus has caused. More than ever, a Congressional representative must be accessible to the people. When the people of Southwest Florida look to leadership, they have earned transparency and no disingenuous or misleading legislation during a time where the nation is suffering.

President Trump’s two trillion dollar stimulus came in a time of great need. However, despite the emergency at hand, the stimulus has been used as an opportunity to check off agenda points for partisan issues, including twenty five million dollars allocated to the John F. Kennedy Center who subsequently conducted massive lay-offs. Additionally, bureaucrats have used partisan issues as the trajectory point of all discussions for future plans of another stimulus package. If I am elected to represent Southwest Florida, first, my entire focus would be the interest of our local community. I plan to work to implement disaster infrastructure that includes proactive measures to assist Home Rule in the case of future disaster or pandemics. Federal representatives are meant to support the State’s rights and control of the area they represent. Therefore, any disaster infrastructure would be focused to support the state’s control and decision-making. Lastly, I would advocate for the Single Subject rule to be implemented into Congress. The Single Subject rule is included in the Florida Constitution for the very purpose of ensuring that citizens receive notice of the content of the legislation, and there is no misleading information in which politicians can sneak politicized law within a general bill. The Single Subject rule maintains the power of the people by ensuring representatives are transparently including law that is properly connected therewith the main subject matter of the legislation. A Congressional representative is a voice of the people. My promise to you, is that I will always put Southwest Florida first.

Daniel Severson: No response

[Note: Contact information for Antonio Demornay, the District’s Independent candidate, was unavailable.]

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 © 2020 by David Silverberg



One thought on “Debate: How would SWFL Republican candidates tackle Coronavirus in Congress?

  1. Wow…Darren doesn’t like you! What an idiot he is. I guess he didn’t like you making him sound like and idiot so he had to do it himself.😀

    On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 4:03 AM The Paradise Progressive wrote:

    > The Paradise Progressive posted: “April 13, 2020 by David Silverberg. Last > week The Paradise Progressive posted the responses of the two Democratic > congressional candidates in the 19th Congressional District to the > question: If you were in Congress right now, what actions would you take” >


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