Southwest Floridians can find virus cases by Zip code; new estimate puts peak on April 27 with fewer fatalities

04-13-20 Covid cases by Zip codeToday’s Florida Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard showing Coronavirus cases in Southwest Florida by Zip code. Note the highlighted button on the lower band that takes a user to counties and Zip codes.

April 13, 2020 by David Silverberg.

Residents of Southwest Florida—indeed, all Floridians—can now see the numbers of Coronavirus cases in their Zip codes in addition to their counties.

The information is available on Florida’s COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard website. By clicking on the button “Cases by Zip Code,” users can find their county and specific Zip code to see how many local cases are active.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, a respected independent population health research center at the University of Washington,, has re-evaluated its projected peak infection rate for Florida from last week, now projecting it as arriving on April 26.

04-13-20 IHME deaths chart

Projected Coronavirus deaths in Florida. The shaded area shows the range of uncertainty in the projection (how high or low the death rate per day could go), the dotted line is the projected deaths and the solid line shows actual fatalities.    (Chart: IMHE)

It also lowered its projection of Florida’s deaths per day in the state to 112, down 130 from its previous week’s estimate. It is now projecting a total of 3,999 deaths in Florida by Aug. 4.

The latest IHME estimate also foresees no shortages of hospital or intensive care unit beds in Florida.

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