Democratic congressional candidates make their cases in online WINK-TV debate

05-19-20 Dem WINK debateWINK News reporter Morgan Ryner and Democratic candidates David Holden and Cindy Banyai in yesterday’s online debate.      (Image: WINK-TV)

May 19, 2020 by David Silverberg.

Florida Congressional District 19 Democratic candidates Cindy Banyai and David Holden conducted an electronic debate yesterday, moderated by Morgan Rynor, WINK News TV reporter and weekend anchor.

The full 31-minute debate is posted on the WINK website under the headline “District 19 Democratic candidates debate.”

The debate follows a Republican debate conducted by Rynor on April 27, which is available on the WINK News website. Coverage of the Republican debate on the website is more detailed and extensive than the Democratic version.

In addition to opening and closing statements, the candidates were asked six questions:

  1. How does a Democrat make a mark in a heavily Republican district?

Banyai pointed out that she is a fighter who will oppose bullies. Holden said Democrats would present a united front and work together regardless of their differences.

  1. What has Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) done right and what would the candidates do differently?

Holden said DeSantis had done a disappointing job after early promise and his loyalty to President Donald Trump had hurt his coronavirus response. Banyai pointed to Desantis’ loyalty to President Trump as the reason for his inadequate coronavirus and unemployment system response.

  1. For what issues would the candidates cross party lines?

Banyai named climate change and healthcare. Holden named the environment.

  1. If Trump is re-elected how would the candidates work with him?

Holden expressed hope this was a fantasy question and said he would try to find common ground without sacrificing core Democratic values. Banyai called herself “a constitutional fundamentalist” and said Congress had to take back power it had ceded to the presidency.

  1. How can the District avoid another red tide/algae bloom crisis like 2018’s?

Banyai said she would hold polluters accountable and fight for water research funding. Holden called for a systematic change that emphasizes science and expertise.

  1. How can healthcare be made more affordable?

Holden said that healthcare is a human right and the Affordable Care Act should be improved. Banyai called for a different model of healthcare and cited the Japanese system that ensures low-cost healthcare outside of employer plans.

“We absolutely need servant leadership in this region” said Banyai in her closing statement. “The people are most important here; not the powerful, not the people who want to cement over the environment, not the ones who want to line their pockets because of education reform. It’s people serving people.”

“I am appalled by the lack of concern, the lack of empathy and the lack of real thought by the Republican candidates about what is best for this district, not just in the midst of this crisis but in the face of a number of critical problems that we face as a people,” Holden said in his closing statement. After the primary, he said, “We will join together to flip this district.”

“Cindy and I are going to fight our fight, we’re going to make our case, the voters will decide in August and then we will work together as Democrats to win this seat,” he vowed.

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