Editorial: ‘Ridin’ with Biden’ caravan should greet Trump in Fort Myers on Friday

A “Ridin’ with Biden” caravan in Collier County on Aug. 16. (Image: WINK News)

Last night, Oct. 13, Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson (R) alerted local media that President Donald Trump would be visiting Fort Myers in some capacity on Friday, Oct. 16.

The exact nature of the visit is unclear as of this writing: whether it will be a rally or just a visit, a drive-through or a meeting with local politicians. Also undetermined is the exact location of Trump’s appearance and whether it will be an event that will be held indoors or outdoors.

Whatever the final disposition, there’s little doubt that it will be a COVID-19 super spreader event. If a rally or speech, the president’s supporters will no doubt gather unmasked in tight groups. Lee County will be dealing with coronavirus fallout for weeks to come—if people are infected on Friday, they will likely become symptomatic around two weeks later. Any rally or gathering has the potential to create a wave of infections that could overwhelm Lee County medical facilities.

At the same time, a Trump visit provides the potential for Southwest Florida Democrats and supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden (D) to show their support for him and register their disapproval of Trump.

A “Ridin’ with Biden” caravan through Fort Myers on Friday would be a safe, peaceful and appropriate response to a Trump visit, demonstrating the spirit and determination of Southwest Florida’s democratic community—and showing that local Trumpism is neither monolithic nor unchallenged.

A similar caravan in The Villages of Florida on Saturday, Oct. 10, gained national attention when it greeted Vice President Mike Pence’s arrival.

Southwest Florida can do its part for American democracy and a Joe Biden victory. The time is short but the stakes are high and the need is great.

(This story will be updated as new details become available.)

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4 thoughts on “Editorial: ‘Ridin’ with Biden’ caravan should greet Trump in Fort Myers on Friday

  1. What a horrible article filed with lies and biased information. Trump and his supporters are not super spreaders nor are his events. Sounds like to me that you should be hiding in your basement like Biden. You are FAKE news. Disgusting!!!!!!


      1. Drain the swamp. Biden can’t even keep track of what he last said. Everything out of his mouth is a lie. And what about crazy Nancy. Omg!! She needs to be put in an asylum. The democrats are trying to ruin our country and take away our freedom. Funny how guns and ammo are in short supply. People are afraid of the evil democrats My family is ready to take on the apocalyptic scene if democrats were to win which I highly doubt. The TRUmp support has a huge following and is amazing.


    1. How many people got sick at the Amy announcement? That was just one example of what is defined as a superspreader event. How many died after the OKC rally?


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