High turnout on first day of in-person voting in Southwest Florida

30% in Lee and Collier have voted so far

Voters in Lee County turn out on the first day of in-person voting. (Image: WINK News)

Oct. 19, 2020 by David Silverberg

Southwest Florida voters turned out in force in Lee and Collier counties for the first day of early in-person voting.

Local media reported long lines and hours-long waits despite rain for voters to cast their ballots in some locations.

Early voting statistics released by Lee and Collier county election officials showed high turnout, especially by non-affiliated voters. While the statistics show the registered party affiliations of the voters casting ballots, they do not show for whom they voted—for example, a Republican could vote for a Democratic candidate and it would not appear in the statistics.

Lee County turnout to date by party. (Chart: Lee County Supervisor of Elections)

As of 8:50 pm in Lee County, 8,378 voters voted early today in person. Combined with 142,428 mail-in votes cast, that came to 30.84 percent of the electorate has voted so far.  Of those votes cast, 62,632 were cast by Republicans, 54,347 by Democrats, 32,345 by non-party affiliated voters and 1,554 by other voters.

Collier County turnout to date by party. (Chart: Collier County Supervisor of Elections)

In Collier County, 7,397 voters voted early today in person. Combined with 66,486 mail-in votes cast, 31.89 percent of the electorate has now voted. Of those, 35,486 of the ballots were cast by registered Republicans, 23,552 by Democrats and 14,160 by non-party affiliated voters. Other voters cast 700 ballots.

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© 2020 by David Silverberg

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