Republicans retain control of Southwest Florida — UPDATED

Nov. 3, 2020 by David Silverberg, 10:00 pm

Updated 11:45 pm with state Senate District 27 results.

Republicans retained their control of Southwest Florida in the 2020 general election based on nearly complete results.

President Donald Trump took both Lee and Collier counties by 59.2 percent in Lee County and in Collier County with 62 percent to 37 percent with 58 of 60 precincts reporting.

Byron Donalds has won his bid to succeed Rep. Francis Rooney in the US Congress, in Lee County by a vote of 198,997 votes to Democrat Cindy Banyai’s 132,187, or 60 percent to 39.88 percent, better than any Democratic congressional candidate has previously done in Lee County.

In Collier County, Donalds won his bid by 68,996 to Banyai’s 36,471 votes or 65.4 percent to 34.6 percent with 34 of 35 precincts reporting.

In both Lee and Collier counties Republicans beat back all Democratic challenges on downballot offices.

In Lee County’s state Senate District 27, Republican Ray Rodrigues defeated Democrat Rachel Brown by 176,085 to 114,980 votes, or 60.5 to 39.5 percent. In Florida House District 76, Republican Adam Botana defeated Democrat Anselm Weber by 66,897votes to 35,147 or 65.56 percent to 34.44 percent.

In Collier County, Republican Lauren Melo defeated Laura Novosad in Florida House District 80 by 46,795 to 24,986 votes or 65.2 percent to 34.8 percent with 23 of 24 precincts reporting. In state House District 105, Republican David Borrero defeated Democrat Maureen Porras by 13,083 votes to 9,891 or 56.9 percent to 43.1 prcent. In House District 106 incumbent Republican Bob Rommel defeated Democrat Sara McFadden by 69,572 to 35,919 votes or 66 to 34 percent.

At the county level, in Lee County Ray Sandelli defeated Todd Truax for the County Board of Commissioners District 3 by 220,820 to 137,156 votes or 61.89 to 38.31 percent.

In Collier County Republican Rick LoCastro defeated John Jenkins by 31,049 to 14,106 or 68.8 percent to 41.2 percent for the Collier County Commission District 1, with all precincts reporting. In District 5, Republican William McDaniel won over Democrat David Turrubiartez with 19,622 to 11,394 votes or 59.5 to 34.5 percent, with 8 of 9 precincts reporting.

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© 2020 by David Silverberg

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