Trump coming to Naples on Friday for private fundraiser

Then-First Lady Melania Trump walks among the White House Christmas decorations in 2018. A hangar at the Naples Airport will be decorated like the Trump White House for a fundraiser with former president Donald Trump on Friday. (Image: White House)

Nov. 3, 2021 by David Silverberg

Former president Donald Trump will be briefly stopping in Naples on Friday, Dec. 3 at 7 pm, for a private fundraising event.

The event will be taking place at a hangar at the Naples Airport and is only for donors, according to Richard Johnson, writing in the New York Daily News.

The hangar will be decorated in the Christmas color scheme that former first lady Melania Trump used at the White House during her tenure.

The location was undisclosed to the general public on the event’s website.

Donors have a choice of three packages for admission to the event. A $10,000 contribution gets a single admission and a photo with Trump. A $20,000 contribution provides admission for a couple and a photo. A $30,000 contribution gets a family or up to four people access to the party and a photo.

The event is billed as an Evening of Celebration. “With sunshine over your head, and presents under the tree, this event will give you a lifetime of festive memories! Tickets are extremely limited,” states the event website.

The purpose and final destination of the funds raised is not provided on the website.

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©2021 by David Silverberg


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